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Drink'n'Draw - Creating Icons for Learning Projects With Kevin Thorn

Episode Summary

Welcome to another edition of IDIODC Drink'n'Draw-ing with Kevin Thorn, we'll be talking about the usage and importance of icons as graphic elements in your instructional designs. (Not sure what Drink'n'Draw is? Catch up on our last Drink'n'Draw episode with Kevin Thorn here on Youtube: ) With a favourite returning guest Kevin Thorn in the house, he'll be showing us how to start with a sketch and build your own icon sets. We'll be looking to your, the chat room audience, for inspiration. You will all vote on an idea. Kevin will show us how to sketch it, snap a photo of it, import it into Illustrator and convert it to an icon. But even if you're not a graphic designer, you can still benefit from understanding this design process. You may not become the world's greatest icon creator, but in a pinch you could be the person that saves a project from doom because you had this little skill. And there is a psychology to icons as well that we will discuss along with the importance of understanding cultural norms and Accessibility guidelines. So even if you don't do the art work, you'll need to have a solid understanding of the nuance of icons and the instructional power they wield. Welcome to our second episode of the new year! Grab your thinking cap, a cup of coffee or tea (or whatever your drink of choice may be), and get ready for an insightful session with Kevin, Brent and Chris! Kevin is an award-winning eLearning designer & developer, consultant, and owner of NuggetHead Studioz, LLC., a boutique custom design and development studio specializing in online learning experiences. After retiring from the US Army, Kevin pursued a career in corporate IT and Training & Development. With his combined military and industry experience, Kevin started the Studioz in 2012 working with clients in various industries solving problems in a wide-range of creative projects. Based in the North Mississippi Delta, Kevin, the Chief NuggetHead harnesses a bench a creative practitioners in instructional design, elearning development, illustration and graphic design, animation, and serious comics. Kevin is a well-known industry speaker and trainer on elearning development, design workflows, and is also a certified facilitator in LEGO®Serious Play® methodologies. Academic stuff: BS in Information Technology Management from Christian Brothers University (2003) and MS in Instructional Design and Technology from the University of Memphis (2018). Become virtual friends with the IDIODC gang on twitter. Remember you can always stay in the loop by searching through the #IDIODC tag: Kevin: @LearnNuggets Brent: @BSchlenker Chris: @Chris_V_W IDIODC: @TeamIDIODC Brent Schlenker is dominKnow's Community Manager. Chris Van Wingerden is dominKnow's Sr. VP Learning Solutions. Want to join us live? Follow us on Crowdcast: Brent Schlenker is dominKnow's Community Manager. Chris Van Wingerden is dominKnow's Sr. VP Learning Solutions. Interested in learning more about dominKnow? Sign up for our next live platform demo to learn why we do powerful eLearning-authoring best. (And get a free 14-day trial after you watch the demo!)