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Learning Experience Design is the New Instructional Design With Jeff Tillett

Episode Summary

You've probably heard about Learning Experience Platforms but have you ever thought about being a learning experience designer? It's not a new term or title, but we often blend conversations about experience design into instructional design. Perhaps it's time we talk about it as something different. Instructional design served us well for over 50 years and perhaps it should be replaced by Learning Experience Design. None of us have all the answers, but it's going to be a fun conversation to have with Jeff Tillett. Jeff is experienced with technology, and solving business problems through the training function within the Fortune 500. But don't ask him about instructional design because he's having more success being a Learning Experience Designer. We'll be talking with Jeff about how he defines Learning experience design and how thinking differently helped him transition training programs from old traditional methods to new learning experiences that support the modern worker. "I am a native of the Pacific Northwest and grew up in central Washington. As a young man, I worked on orchards and farms around the Yakima Valley. I learned to work hard and cultivated my “maker” skills set. In high school I explored architecture, fine arts, audio engineering. I also earned a certificate in Radio and TV Broadcasting. I am an Instructional Designer, Learning Experience Designer. I have a background in graphic design, media development and production. I have worked with computers and Internet technologies for over 20 years; a survivor of the Internet boom, I assisted many startups in successfully building business and eCommerce ventures. In the late 90’s my focus turned to interactive content for learning when I was part of a distance-learning Internet start-up. Since then I have worked for various companies as an interactive developer and Instructional Designer, including Adobe, T-Mobile USA, Microsoft, Entirenet, Float Mobile Learning, Apple. Most recently, I helped Amazon Machine Learning University move from classroom only to a blended model in order to scale their program. I help organizations leverage video, interactive media and mobile technology to create high performance engaging learning." - Jeff Tillett Jeff: @MojoTillett Brent: @BSchlenker Chris: @Chris_V_W IDIODC: @TeamIDIODC Brent Schlenker is dominKnow's Community Manager. Chris Van Wingerden is dominKnow's Sr. VP Learning Solutions. Want to join us live? Follow us on Crowdcast: Brent Schlenker is dominKnow's Community Manager. Chris Van Wingerden is dominKnow's Sr. VP Learning Solutions. Interested in learning more about dominKnow? Sign up for our next live platform demo to learn why we do powerful eLearning-authoring best. (And get a free 14-day trial after you watch the demo!)