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New Decade, New Tech, New Thinking, New Years Resolutions for ID's With Will Thalheimer, PhD

Episode Summary

Happy new year and welcome to the new decade! Wait, new decade... hard to believe it's already been 10 years since our last decade, and ten more since the last before - which marked another millennium. Oh how time flies. But, sometimes putting everything in perspective is helpful to understand our experiences and what we've accomplished in the past, not to mention to better understand what future days might bring! Yes, you guessed it. This is an episode on new year's resolutions, but it's also an episode to start off 2020 with a head start specifically for the Instructional Designer/ Learning Professional. Upcoming trends, changes in learning and training thinking, the future of our industry, formulating (or at least learning about) new strategies and starting off the year with some positive reinforcement on how far we've come already. Did we mention we'll have on special guest Will Thalhiemer, PhD to chat with Brent and Chris? Welcome to our first session of 2020! Looking forward to getting IDIODC with you. Will brings research-based wisdom to the practice of workplace learning as the CEO of Work-Learning Research Inc. Consultant, Research Translator, Author, Speaker, Instructional Designer, Writer, Advocate, Gentle Curmudgeon, Debunker. Check out his website here: Become virtual friends with the IDIODC gang on twitter. Remember you can always stay in the loop by searching through the #IDIODC tag: Will: @WillWorkLearn Brent: @BSchlenker Chris: @Chris_V_W IDIODC: @TeamIDIODC Brent Schlenker is dominKnow's Community Manager. Chris Van Wingerden is dominKnow's Sr. VP Learning Solutions. Interested in learning more about dominKnow? Sign up for our next live platform demo to learn why we do powerful eLearning-authoring best. (And get a free 14-day trial after you watch the demo!)